Tunneling/Remote Medical Support

JW & Associates Hyperbaric Division is committed to customer satisfaction and mission completion. Whether your need is offshore or underground, we provide the most experienced and efficient Dive medics with experience in the military, civilian, and industrial fields. JW & Associates can custom tailor a team of DMT’s and instructors to provide the exact services your company needs in order to save you time, money and ensure safety is a number one priority. Listed are just some of our services provided.

  • Hyperbaric tunneling medical support
  • Hyperbaric tunneling chamber operation
  • Compressed Air Worker training for the hyperbaric environment
  • Hyperbaric chamber certification
  • DMT certification course (NBDHMT compliant)
  • Hyperbaric variances
  • Industrial offshore Diving/medical support
  • Remote Medical support

Confined Space Rescue

Our confined space rescue team will deploy to projects involving confined space work. Our teams will provide support and rescue services in the event issues arise during the course of the project. Our trained personnel will work with crews to both prevent and respond to incidents during a confined space project.